These pages  were rapidly developed by TrialsConnect as a contribution to the joint work of Queen Mary University & Barts NHS Trust as COVID-19 research was prioritised  by NIHR during 2020–21. They are now archived.

You can Volunteer!

Important research continues…

In our common struggle to learn more about COVID-19 there are things that we can all do to help.

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As advertised on LBC radio, patients interested in joining this study should call:

020 7882 8000

High blood pressure and hard to see your doctor during the COVID pandemic?

You can volunteer for a new study that uses remote consultations by phone or video conferencing. Patients record blood pressure and other results into an electronic diary on their  phone. There are NO visits to research staff at the study centre.

Patients interested in joining the study can call 020 7882 8000 or contact:

Rebecca James, 020 7882 3499, or
Mital Patel, 020 7882 5664,

Further details of the study are HERE

Dexamethasone is effective in treating COVID-19 - results announced

Professor Chloe Orkin, Lead for COVID -19 studies for Barts Health,  tells us,

"An effective vaccine is what we all need. Great strides are being made on this and we want to make sure our staff and the population of East London are part of this. Barts Health has been leading the way on research and understanding of the disease. There are over  3000  people who have entered COVID -19 studies so far — a reflection of the willingness and desire to contribute.”

For a copy of our mailing with more details and the opportunity to participate in COVID-19 vaccine studies click  HERE

Latest news and updates…

Giving consent for Oxford vaccine trial
Dexamethasone is effective in treating COVID-19 - results announced

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