These pages  were rapidly developed by TrialsConnect as a contribution to the joint work of Queen Mary University & Barts NHS Trust as COVID-19 research was prioritised  by NIHR during 2020–21. They are now archived.

12 November 2020

Dealing with high blood pressure?

A new study at the William Harvey Clinical Research Centre is recruiting patients with high blood pressure (hypertension) during the COVID-19 pandemic when seeing a doctor for advice may be difficult.

The study uses remote consultations by phone or video conferencing. Patients record blood pressure and other results into an electronic diary on their  phone. There are NO visits to research staff at the study centre.

More details including contact information if you have high blood pressure and wish to take part are HERE

Professor Chloe Orkin, Lead for COVID -19 studies for Barts Health,  tells us,

"An effective vaccine is what we all need. Great strides are being made on this and we want to make sure our staff and the population of East London are part of this. Barts Health has been leading the way on research and understanding of the disease. There are over  3000  people who have entered COVID -19 studies so far — a reflection of the willingness and desire to contribute.”

For a copy of our mailing with more details and the opportunity to participate in COVID-19 vaccine studies click  HERE

15 July 2020

Dexamethasone is effective in treating COVID-19 - results announced
Dexamethasone is effective in treating COVID-19 - results announced

The RECOVERY trial included drugs that were relatively easy to get hold of, but some doctors just didn't think would help with COVID-19... It has now given us two hugely important answers:
1) Hydroxychloroquine does not help and, now
2) Dexamethasone is effective.

More RECOVERY details HERE

Click picture for Guardian news article

16 June 2020

It is no surprise to clinical trials patients that Dr David Collier, clinical director at the William Harvey Clinical Research Centre, has been busy…! The BBC World Service programme The Evidence, presented by Claudia Hammond, first broadcast 13 June  includes a number of responses by a panel of experts to listeners questions. The panel included… David Collier.

That second part continues after the news at about 26min 30secs. 

Listen here.

14 June 2020

Episode of BBC World Service programme The Evidence on COVID-19

12 June 2020

Rapid planning is in hand to enable possible new vaccine trials research by Barts Health.

Injection of Oxford trial vaccine
Receiving Oxford trial vaccine at research clinic
Giving consent for the Oxford COVID-19 vaccine trial

Recruits to the Oxford COVID-19 Vaccination trial include Dr David Collier, Clinical Director at the William Harvey Clinical Research Centre, who received his trial dose yesterday.

The trial site was UCLH Clinical Research Facility using space at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine (previously London Homeopathic Hospital) on Great Ormond Street.

The study doctor is Dr Carlos Estevez Fraga, from Madrid in Spain, who normally works in neurology on Huntingdon's Disease.

He volunteered for COVID-19 work and has recently been helping with the UK effort for the Oxford Vaccine Study

David Collier, clinical director at the William Harvey Clinical Research Centre, is featured by the London International Development Centre. His work in training staff research volunteers for rapidly developed COVID-19 studies is described here.

Investigating the COVID-19 virus at the William Harvey Clinical Research Centre

4 June 2020

Barts Health activities for Volunteers Week

Barts Health COVID-19 Research Patient and Public Inolvement and Engagement (PPIE) Advisory Group  has recognised Volunteer Week with several patient stories here.

Those stories include 60 Seconds with Paul, patient public representative and co-founder of TrialsConnect.

Paul describes his activities for TrialsConnect and Barts Health

3 June 2020

Reporting on the research contribution of a fatality from COVID-19

His death will not be in vain…

Read the story of the first blood sample collected at Barts Health for the GenOMICC study.

Daily Telegraph, 21 May 2020

Followed up in The Guardian, 23/5/20 HERE

21/23  May 2020

Barts Health activities for International Trials Day during lockdown

International Clinical Trials Day

Read about Barts Health success in recruiting patients to research studies HERE.

Download a copy of the Barts Health Research Engagement team guide to virtual celebration of International Clinical Trials Day HERE

20  May 2020

Barts BioResource has been running for some time. It now stores records and samples from nearly 25,000 heart patients. It’s brief has now been extended so that records and samples from COVID-19 patients will be securely stored for use in research .

Barts Bioresource announces extension for COVID-19 research

12  May 2020

These new videos describe COVID-19 research to patients and relatives. They were produced by patient John Greenwood's company, Greenacre, for Barts Health NHS Trust and are available in several languages.The project was organised by Dr Manish Saxena of the William Harvey Clinical Research Centre working with Neeta Patel, Barts Health NHS Trust.

Announcing videos made to explain COVID-19 clinical research in ten languages

2  May 2020

COVID-19 research training resources provided by TrialsConnect

Training for the volunteer staff helping with this research is taking place at the William Harvey Clinical Research Centre, Charterhouse Square, where TrialsConnect is based.

Patients have been consulted on rapidly produced information and consent materials as well as having a representative on the coördinating group.

8 April  2020

TRIALSCONNECT has worked alongside

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